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Welcome to Compass! We are an Australian & New Zealand based Virtual Airline seeking to replicate the varied operations of a major airline. We cover a wide variety of operations from long haul international flights based out of Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific, South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe Africa and the Americas, right down to short regional hops.  We also have a fully developed domestic routes along major trunk routes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two allied divisions, Compass Express and Compass Logistics provide regional and cargo services.

The Great Compass Relaunch!

Our re-launch is now a week old. We've had a great week, the work we have put in over the past few months getting this ready has realy paid off. Pilot response to the new SmartCARS system and to the IPS system that integrates it into the website and our operations has been excellent. We have noticed that some flights are occuring and being picked up by IPS, but do not have a pilot name attached. This occurs when the pilot is not using SmartCARS. If you haven't downloaded and installed it yet we urge you to do so. The basic client is free! There is a premium verion if you wish, but that is left to the discretion of the individual, it offers greater flight logging and the ability to restore flights if you have a simulator crash and continue to log them.

Today we added an Events page to the SmartCARS portal. We will use this for recurring events, such as our Compas Mature Pilot Flights. This week it's from Adelaide to Melbourne and full details are on the page. The Tours page will be used for things such as special charters and delivery flights. On that front we will be requirng several new aircraft shortly to commence services to our newest destination. When this port joins the network it will see B737, E195, and Q400 flights from a range of other destinations, and the deliveries of new aircraft will appear on the Tours page.

Our Forums are active once again, but we are finding more and more that Facebook is a far better medium for all Compass members to communicate with one another. You can catch up with our Facebook page here

Finally our new pilots will not yet have received a YMxxx pilot number. We are working on this, it is something that IPS doesn't quite handle intuitively. All the new members will receive their numbers by email shortly.

So get set to join us as once again we Stretch our Wings!

VAFS Decommissioned

As part of the transition to the new SmartCARS system VAFS has been decomissioned.

All flight logging and PIREPS are now handled entirely by SmartCARS, and are put onto the website by IPS.

New Aircraft

Boeing 787

Like everyone else we've been keenly awaiting the QualityWings B787 release. It's now out for FSX (P3D follows shortly) and we've sent both the 787-8 and the 787-9 off to the Compass paintshop. When Padraig and Finnbar are finished we'll have it available as part of of our relaunch. We plan on using the 788 for mostly domestic flights, and the 789 for longer haul overseas flights, both in lieu of the B767-300 which is now being withdrawn (with some retained for Logistics ops)

As the B787 and B777 have a common type rating the introduction of the Dreamliner into our fleet will require a slight tweak to our rank structure. That will follow shortly.

Boeing 717

The Boeing 717 was our first entry aircraft back when we first started in 2001

Embraer E195



We switched to the E195 as there was no decent model for FSX or P3D. TFDi, the maker of our SmartCARS system, also make a B717. We will look at this aircraft and assess if it is suitable for an additional model worth us having available for pilots. If so we will be getting a repaint of this aircraft into our livery, although the E195 will remain the official first type. The repaint will follow the release of our liveries for the B787.

Airbus Career Path

Boeing Career Path

Join Us!

The management team at Compass have a wealth of VA and real life aviation experience. Our aim is to create the best VA in the Australian skies and to ensure you get the most out of flying for Compass. Why not join us today?

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