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Welcome to the Compass SmartCARS/IPS Portal

Integrated Pirep System  TFDi Design - SmartCARS

This menu provides access to features generated by SmartCARS and IPS.

REMEMBER: All Compass schedule times are in UTC format (HH:MM)

  • How do I start with SmartCARS?

    First you will need to ensure your pilot details are up to date and included on the new roster. An email to us will sort this out. Then download the client and follow the installation instructions. COme back to these portal pages. the portal pages here give you access to the full Compass schedule, choose your flight, then enter your details into the system via the booking page. Start the SmartCARS client before you start your flight and ensure your pilot number and Compass flight number are entered correctly. Start your sim, and select your aircraft and get positioned at the departure stand. Once you are there the SmartCARS system should pick up the sim and start logging your flight, as well as communicating all your details to the IPS system on our server. Fly your flight, the system just takes care of all the rest for you. Your PIREP, along with detailed flight logs, will all be made automatically.

  • The SmartCARS portal is asking me for a password and I don't know/can't remember what it is?

    You log in with your email. Where we have your details we've used the email you gave us when you first joined us. If it has changed let us know so we can updatae it for you. You password will be different to the other systems we have used, including the forums. You can always use the forgotten password feature to reset it. New pilots get to choose their password when registering.

  • Why did Compass change from VAFS?

    VAFS has not performed as we would have hoped. There does not appear to be a great deal of development of the system and it did not suit our operations. One major drawback was the roster it created did not conform to the requirements of VATSIM for an affiliated VA. In addition SmartCARS has a much better interface, and the IPS (Integrated PIREP Solutions) backend makes this all happen seamlessly. Even over a network, it just picks up your flight woithout any dramas.

  • Are there any requirements for the install?

    You will need to have Microsoft Net Framework 4.5 installed for the system to work.  Our testing also shows that to get reliable results you need to make sure all your Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables are up to date and that DirectX is also up to date..

  • Will my pilot number change?

    Pilot numbers will now all use the full YMA designation, rather than the YM we used previously. This is one of the restrictions in the system. We are not sure if pilots with numbers under 100 will need to add leading zeroes to their pilot number or not. We'll let you know when we've tested this one ourselves!

  • I tried using YMF for a Compass Logistics flight and the system didn't recognise it?

    Unfortunately this is another limitation of the system, it will only recognise one ICAO code for the airline. As a result we have decided to go just with YMA.

  • I am a former Compass pilot. Can I still fly?

    We don't call you a former pilot. We call you an inactive pilot. Anyone who has been with us at anytime in the past can become active again at any time. Just send us an email and we'll set it all up for you, and even ensure you have the same pilot number you had originally.

  • Do I need to be a member of VATSIM?

    No you don't. But if you are your VATSIM ID will appear on the roster (a VATSIM requirement for affiliation). The majority of Compass pilots are members, and we can help you get going with VATSIM if you like.

  • You haven't answered my question here.

    No problems. Drop us an email, we're only too happy to help.

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